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What You Are Like When You’re Drunk

When you become intoxicated after a night of ravenous drinking and binging on alcoholic beverages, no matter the type (beer, hard liquor, even light beers), you might have a tendency to come out of your shell and embrace a brand new personality that would never have seen the light of day (or, in most typical cases, the dark of night) otherwise.

That is just the kind of thing that alcohol tends to provide to you. It releases your inhibitions and brings out a brand new you. Sometimes, this personality that surfaces is a negative one and you might become sadder and angrier than you usually are when you are inebriated.

Usually, you would tend to not enjoy feeling this way and you might consider that perhaps alcohol and the level of drunkenness it provides to you is not necessarily your thing. Other times, you may consider the drunk version of yourself to be one that is lots of fun and very free and it might be how you wish you acted in daily situations.

If your name is Phil, for example, you might say, “You have to meet Drunk Phil. He’s a lot of fun.” You might say this as a joke, but you would actually be correct because research has shown that there are different types of personalities that can be brought about by liquor.

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