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The Damage of Soda

Research shows in a study recently published in Stroke, a journal from April of this year, that those who drink multiple diet sodas every day are three time more likely to have a stroke or dementia. However, there was no association in this regard for sugary drinks, in general.

The study was conducted with over four thousand subjects who are part of the Framingham Heart Study. The intake in diets of drinks that contain sugar and artificial sweeteners was measured at three points over the course of a decade. These people were then tracked for ten more years with an eye on their status in terms of strokes and dementia.

The connection between these sweeteners and the risks of the aforementioned diseases was not impacted at all by factors that were potentially confounding, like gender, age, amount of exercise, or whether or not the participants were smokers.

Regardless, those who conducted the studies found that diabetes or even hypertension could be the aspects at fault for dementia and sweeteners having a correspondence. What is not clear is whether or not the people who were in these experiments made efforts to consume artificial sweeteners so they could lower the amount of sugar they were consuming.

Regardless of these outcomes and findings, the study gave fuel to the fire that artificial sweeteners are not actually viable alternatives to an intake of sugar. Despite this finding, the study is most noteworthy for the link it makes between dementia and diet sodas.

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