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Growing Older With Ever Doing It

If you are a fan of film or comedy or just having a good time, in general, then there is a high likelihood that you have seen the film, The 40 Year Old Virgin. Released in the mid-2000s, this comedy came from the brain of Judd Apatow and starred a budding, emerging star known as Steve Carell.

The film poked fun at the idea of what someone would be like if he was a virgin who was entering his forties. (This, of course, has no connection to Apatow’s 2012 film, This Is 40.)

In fact, the comedy was so well-received that recently, when The New York Times released its list of what two writers considered to be the twenty-five best films of the twenty-first century so far, The 40 Year Old Virgin actually made the list, albeit unexpectedly.

But while it can be a lot of fun to watch a comedy starring Steve Carell, who is also notable for his roles on The Office and in movies like The Big Short and Anchorman, there is a very real portion of the population who are both adults and virgins.

What does this stigma mean for them? A majority of adult virgins believe the stigma attached to them is a difficult thing to deal with and they also revealed that it can be difficult to break past that barrier when entering into a relationship.

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