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Getting Rejected From Car Dealerships Before They Even Know You

In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts’s character is not served by a fancy clothing store because of the way she looks. This is, unfortunately, a real-life scenario, too.

For example, people have driven old Hyundai cars that are purchased cheaply because they have a great deal of miles on them. It can do the job, but it can also be seen as old or past its prime.

But sometimes, the people who drive these types of cars end up landing some pretty cushy jobs and they might even manage to cull a salary that reaches into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then, the vehicles you can afford can be BMWs or even Mercedes.

Sure, new cars do have a bit of downside because of the insurance cost and the cost of keeping them running at a high level, but sometimes you just need to buy an expensive car for the thrill of it. You know what I mean? And sometimes, you can luck into a range of discounts that could be beneficial for your automobile purchasing process.

However, if you think the process of shopping for fancy cars would be just as fancy and high class as the cars themselves, well then right there is where you’re wrong.

And for people who are making the shift from poor-looking cars to fancier, more expensive vehicles, they might not look the part when they come searching for cars. At least, not yet.

Some people have even experienced the cold shoulder and the silent treatment when they walk into a car dealership for expensive automobiles and they have to wait minutes upon minutes before receiving service.

This feeling can sting even more when other people with a different air about them stroll into the dealership and are immediately treated graciously by the salesmen and saleswomen who gush over them and offer them as many incentives as possible to land them as clients.

And when you have that look about you, the very apologetic salespeople may tend to finally give you service by showing you the section where affordable, used cars can be found, just because you might look poor (even if you have a ton of bucks coming your way soon).

Some people have even noted that after insisting they are more interested in expensive cars, they are reluctantly shown them, but have also been refused to test drive the car because of a phony excuse of business or a potential lie about the car’s ability to be driven.

It certainly is an unfortunate truth, but it is one that people are forced to deal with even in this day and age. Sometimes, salespeople are just more interested in people who look the part, rather than act the part of a good customer.

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