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Dad Chooses Birth Of Son Over Job

A man from New York lost his job for making a decision no father should be asked to make. He had to decide between his job and seeing the birth of his first son. To any father the answer seems obvious, but unfortunately there were still consequences for his choice. Luckily, he has received a wave of love and support for making what many consider the right decision.

Kevin Wright worked for a private security company for universitiesc and major shopping stores. He was in the middle of his initial trial period of his job and was requried to be on-call 24-7.

But Mr. Wright could not attend his upcoming shift when his wife started going into labor. She was in the hospital for the whole weekend in labor when he received the text that he was “terminated.”

“It was a little price to pay. I lost something, but got something one hundred times better”he said.


A local newspaper picked up the story on Mr.Wright’s job loss. The town decdied to come together and begin a GoFundMe campaign for the family while he looked for another job.

“It’s not fair for them to worry about financial issues at this time; they should be joyful,” she said. “Nobdoy should ever have to decide between their work and their loved ones.”

On top of the public support, Mr. Wright said he had got 4 different job offers, as well as an apprenticeship from a local business owner of a large electric company in the area.

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