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Blamed by Narcissists

One of the most dangerous things you might be forced to deal with if you work or live in an area that is rife with narcissists is the idea that they might project onto you. Now, if you feel like projection can take on many different identities, then it is important to make something clear.

This sort of projection is the very bad kind as if you know people who are extremely narcissistic, then they probably also think themselves to be infallible. This can be a dangerous combination because even the most self-centered of people can still experience times of great trouble that could prove to be detriments to their health, physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

However, whereas most people would understand their shortcomings and make strides to improve upon them, rather than wallowing in self-pity, people who are narcissistic would consider any potential to detriment to their inflated ego to be an attack on them personally.

And instead of accepting the blame for their shortcomings, they might project them onto you instead, blaming you for their problems, rather than themselves. It is just highly important to stay as informed as you possibly can when regarding or discussing this sort of thing.

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