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A Caring Teen Gives Away His Shoes To A Homeless Man

Recently in Louisville, Kentucky, a fourteen-year-old took generosity and kindness to the next level.

Nicknamed Ron Ron, LaRon Tunstill met a homeless man on the street in Louisville and according to WDRB, a local news station, he took his sneakers off and gave them to the man.

LaRon Tunstill was already giving food to people in need with the nonprofit organization, PurpMe, over the course of the Labor Day weekend and one homeless man got a bit more than food.

Tunstill said he could tell the man had been through a lot and when he spoke to him, he noticed the shoes he was wearing were battered.

The founder of PurpMe, Jason Reynolds, claimed that the soles of the shoes were entirely gone and the man’s bare toes were constantly in contact with the ground.

When he saw this, Ron Ron removed his Air Jordan sneakers from Nike that were brand new and only a day old and gave them to the homeless man in need.

According to Tunstill, the man was skeptical at first and declined the offer, but Tunstill insisted that it was what God would have done.

Back in early September, Reynolds photographed the moment and shared it on the official Facebook page for the PurpMe organization.

Immediately, the picture was spread far and wide around the Internet as it was shared over eight thousand times and was liked thousands more.

In an interesting wrinkle that came about from an interview with ABC News, Reynolds said that this showed an immense amount of growth from Tunstill, who was “wild” and “disrespectful” when he started with the organization.

Reynolds cited the rough area of crime in which Ron Ron grew up as the reason for Tunstill’s early behavior. But when Reynolds began mentoring the young teenager, he apparently turned his attitude around entirely. Reynolds even said that Tunstill has taken it upon himself to help be a role model for the other younger kids involved with PurpMe.

Today a 14 year old from West Louisville, KY gave his shoes off of his feet to a homeless man! While other 14 year olds…

Posted by Purpme on Monday, September 5, 2016

Apparently, Tunstill’s good deed did not go unnoticed as the virality of the photograph prompted an anonymous donor to buy Ron Ron a new pair of shoes.

Reynolds said that he began PurpMe because he was hoping an organization of good work and good people would be suitable to replace the prevalence of gang violence he witnessed within the community.

He said the organization does not have a lot of funds or assets, but they do the best they can with what they are given. His ultimate goal is to create an environment and a community that is rooted in the universal goals of love, peace, and support.



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